Automotive Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Automotive Technician?

Automotive Technician in Cape Girardeau:
"Cape is a nice town."
Pros: It is a large town for this reigion, but still has a small town vibe. Good food, clean town, a great place to live and work.
Cons: Not many employment opportunities for making a lot of money.

Automotive Technician in Bowling Green:
"Straight pay is not a fair pay scale."
Pros: Shop is nice.
Cons: Flat rate is not good pay.

Automotive Technician in Appleton:
"More knowledge doesn't always equate to more pay."
Work hard , study hard and stay focused on balancing quality of work with efficiency and customer satisfaction. A well done repair is valuable to the customer and owner of the shop. Satisfaction is achieved when you know it was fixed right the first time.

Automotive Technician in Pottstown:
"An experience in itself but sometimes stressfull."
Pros: Being able to get the job done and not seeing it come back. Learning something new and comparing what I've learned in training to the real time experience and fixing the issue.
Cons: When you hit a snag in one of the jobs or constantly having to deal with the management not being organized and poor communication between employer and employees.

Automotive Technician in Tucson:
"Get an office job."
Don't tear up your body for your employer they won't be around when your old and gray and hurting from Head to toe.

Automotive Technician in Colorado Springs:
"Automotive technician."
Pros: I enjoy diagnosing and repairing the vehicles.
Cons: I dislike dealing with customers that accuse technicians of ripping them off.

Automotive Technician in West Chester:
"I love my jon."
Pros: I love doing custom exhaust work, alignments and coming to work doing something different everyday.
Cons: I don't like get burnt, scratched and getting dirty everyday.