Baker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Baker?

Baker in Otsego:
"A lot of work but face paced."
Pros: I race the clock.
Cons: Hard floors.

Baker in Toledo:
"You need to know."
Be prepared to sell out to the restaurant, have no life, no $, no time.

Baker in Cuyahoga Falls:
"That it involved all weekends and holidays."
Make sure you are ready to work early mornings and all weekends and holidays.

Baker in Bangor:
"Baking life."
Pros: I love being able to work by myself doing something I love. This is my creative outlet.
Cons: Lack of money and or other benefits.

Baker in Picayune:
"Know my job."
Pros: The baking part .
Cons: The pay.

Baker in San Francisco:
"It's not always cookies and cream."
Pros: I like the independence and autonomy of my shifts and workload.
Cons: I don't like the pressure.

Baker in Alexandria:
Don't work for family!! You will be taken for granted, be given duties for after hours, no bonus or overtime pay and usually no benefits!