Baker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Baker?

Baker in Winchester:
"Enjoying my Work."
Pros: I enjoy preparing different types of baked goods for the customers. I like how friendly and casual the restaurant is. It is a happy place. I enjoy how popular the restaurant is and how much people enjoy eating my food.
Cons: -The heat. -Waking up very early in the morning.

Baker in Spokane:
"It is a fun job and but the early hours are tough."
Pros: The outcome of each pastry you created is very rewarding.
Cons: The hours are tough and it is the labor is intensive.

Baker in Richmond:
"Prior experience."
Pay attention. Be safe. Give 100 percent.

Baker in Edmonton Alberta:
"Very hard and fast work."
Very high pressure and much to be done in your time.

Baker in Boise:
Cons: I hate everything about Boise Idaho.