Barista Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Barista?

Barista in Stuart:
Pros: Good pay, friendly work environment.
Cons: Bad communication with HR, not flexible with scheduling, unorganized.

Barista in New Orleans:
"Very rewarding."
Pros: Making people happy. The look on their face when you perfect their coffee is simply amazing. It's like a light in a dark tunnel.
Cons: Pay. I don't think we get paid enough for being part of a 4 star restraunt.

Barista in Westminster:
"Barista Blues."
Pros: Meeting people and talking with them. Spending time with my coworkers. Drinking coffee. My manager is amazing and super flexible around everyone's individual schedules and work needs.
Cons: Long hours on your feet. My company has not increased our wages to be competitive with our growing population and the competitors in our field of work.

Barista in Fort Wayne:
"I like it."
Pros: Making smoothies, cutting fruits, peeling fruits, making juices, and working the cash register is really fun. I like working with my coworkers, and providing great customer service for the regulars. I like the flexibility. I like the mostly calm work environment. I like the perks.
Cons: I cut myself a lot peeling and slicing which hurts. I make minimum wage; and sometimes I don't like talking to others. I also want more hours. This last week, I had one shift of four hours, and my boss told me that business was slow, and she wanted me to go home after my second hour which meant I had worked two hours that week. Finally, sometimes too many people come in at once, and that is really stressful because my coworker does not even ask if I need help with making the numerous smoothies.

Barista in Boston:
Pros: It's essentially getting paid to share your personal, signature product to the world.
Cons: Bad customers. People don't take coffee as seriously in USA as they do in other parts of the world and this leaves a gap of respect for the actual craftsmanship involved with coffee making. Both biased and subjective, it's fun but it is what you make it.