Barista Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Barista?

Barista in Augusta:
"Love my job!!!"
Pros: I love the fast pace and mostly I love my customers that come in to see me everyday.
Cons: Getting my work done fast and then getting ask to do someone else's work because they move slow. So doing two people's jobs but only getting paid for one.

Barista in Kahului:
Pros: - Being an artist of sorts, hand crafting beverages. - Meeting interesting people everyday.
Cons: -Dealing with difficult customers. -Cleaning.

Barista in Pittsburgh:
"Excellent worker great with customers."
Pros: I enjoy interacting with people.
Cons: Horrible nasty boss.

Barista in Novi:
"It was fun at first, then got more frustrating."
Pros: I like a few of my coworkers.
Cons: Getting treated unfairly and being around people who aren't happy to be working. Not a fun work environment anymore.

Barista in Kansas City:
"Perks of Serving Coffee."
Pros: You are selling people something they already want, that they came to you for. It's beautiful, it's delicious, it's mildly addictive; people love it. People are for the most part thankful for your existence. You also are able to observe people, have conversations, and see a little bit of their lives.
Cons: Most people don't realize that we are good at our job. We know how much has to be done, in what order, and how quickly, but all the customer thinks is that they didn't get their coffee immediately, even though there were 5 people that each ordered three drinks and food right before them.

Barista in Stuart:
Pros: Good pay, friendly work environment.
Cons: Bad communication with HR, not flexible with scheduling, unorganized.

Barista in New Orleans:
"Very rewarding."
Pros: Making people happy. The look on their face when you perfect their coffee is simply amazing. It's like a light in a dark tunnel.
Cons: Pay. I don't think we get paid enough for being part of a 4 star restraunt.