Barista Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Barista?

Barista in South Lake Tahoe:
"So fast so good."
Pros: The commute is 8 minutes rather than 1.5 hrs.
Cons: Salary, there's only 2 ways to get to work. If there's traffic, you're stuck.

Barista in Columbus:
Pros: The employees.
Cons: The related stress.

Barista in Ann Arbor:
"Fast paced, hard work. Good customers, bad management."
Pros: Great customers. Good socializing. Hard and involved work.
Cons: I've never worked in a cafe where people are paid as well as the should be. Management is consistently sub-par.

Barista in New York:
"Grind time."
Pros: There is always a job that needs to be done. As long as I have my smile, my work ethic , and my genuinely nice personality and down to earth and postive mentality, people wounderstand loge to work with me. New York is the heart of the work life.
Cons: People forget humanity at moments. Some people forget to talk to us as equals.we are all human beings at the end of the dat and we need to be treated as such. Some New Yorkers tend to take advantage when it comes to their job title. They Forget the purpose to why we are all here, is to unit as one and work with peace and harmony.

Barista in California:
Pros: Free and I learn everyday new things.
Cons: Popular.

Barista in Dalton:
Pros: I like the personal experience each manager gives you, the pleasant/ upscale work environment, and the attention to employees.
Cons: Often we are unheard or overlooked, and expected to give way more than we receive, and underpaid for such a successful company.

Barista in Houston:
"It is pretty great."
Pros: My co workers are nice. It's a good environment.
Cons: The hours.