Barista Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Barista?

Barista in Melbourne:
"Absolutely fun and inspiring! Especially with the people you meet."
Pros: I love all the benefits starbucks offers to both part and full time partners.
Cons: How fast starbucks tries to promote products with little training time.

Barista in st robert:
Pros: The people, it’s very fun and very fast paced!
Cons: Probably the traffic

Barista in Gainesville:
"Not that great."
Pros: The rich people that tip well sometimes
Cons: All of the people

Barista in Missoula:
"Great benefits."
The benefits are great

Barista in Kailua-Kona:
Pros: Income. Money. Connections with people.
Cons: Judgments. Not enough tip money.

Barista in Tulsa:
"It's Tulsa, not too crazy."
Pros: I have friends here, it's easy to relocate job and home wise. Living is cheap so if you have a higher paying job you are set.
Cons: I hate the roads for commuting and at will employment sucks.

Barista in San Diego:
"I love it so far."
Pros: All the people you see.
Cons: It gets incredibly busy.