Business Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Business Manager?

Business Manager in Durham:
"Start every job like you don't know anything. Learn be open."
6 months should be about learning your new business. You should still handle your job role, but seek advise from you peers. No one enjoys working for someone that's above them. People enjoy managers who work with them and are committed to the teams success.

Business Manager in Greensboro:
"Not enough pay raises."
Find history on if there are raises based on your performance revews.

Business Manager in Atlanta:
"The bottom line."
Cons: The way people handle various situations.

Business Manager in Paintsville:
"Howmuch work hrs. Iss expected."
Im required to work up to 50-60 hrs per week, but pd. For only 40. They only give 24 hrs comp. Time every 12 months.

Business Manager in Cleveland:
"Very demanding."
Owner not here.

Business Manager in Ozawkie:
"My Life."
Pros: Holidays, four day work weeks in summer, co workers.
Cons: Stress Level.

Business Manager in New Haven:
"Company would change."
Willing to Change.