Business Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Business Manager?

Business Manager in Chicago:
Don't take the job.

Business Manager in Plano:
Pros: Culture, product, educational support and succession planning, benefits, opportunities for advancement.
Cons: I feel like I have too much to complete on some days. I feel that I am given too many projects at once sometimes.

Business Manager in Conway:
"That there is lack of communication."
Get your pay in writing.

Business Manager in Provincetown:
"Cultural exchange."
Pros: The food I make.
Cons: Too many tasks and requirements. Stressful moments at the day (when it's rush). Bad attitude of the employer (not always).

Business Manager in West Covina:
Pros: Somewhat flexible hours.
Cons: Late night hours and have to spend time away from child.

Business Manager in Covington:
In an ever changing environment for health care it has become very challenging to maintain high profit margins.

Business Manager in Chelsea:
Have a lot of patience.