Business Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Business Manager?

Business Manager in Champaign:
"Decent place to work."
Pros: Close to lots of great places at the University
Cons: Sometimes the neighborhood can be scary

Business Manager in Canton:
"New Opportunities."
Pros: Ok Commute - close to most things
Cons: Wish I didn't have to commute - closer to home would be better fit

Business Manager in Plymouth:
Pros: The atmosphere and opportunities
Cons: The people and weather

Business Manager in Pensacola:
"Nice place to live and work."
Pros: A lot of things to do
Cons: Occassional hurricanes

Business Manager in Bronx:
"Ok. Feel safe."
Pros: Access to nice community, stores and transportation.
Cons: Nothing

Business Manager in Danbury:
"Working on a state line."
Pros: It is a city that hosts a diverse set of cultures, business and housing.
Cons: Nothing. Danbury is a great place to work and I am sure people enjoy living in danbury.

Business Manager in Baltimore:
Pros: The best thing is that Baltimore is my hometown.
Cons: Crime and blight are depressing in Batlimore.