Business Office Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Business Office Manager?

Business Office Manager in Chesapeake:
"I wish knew how many functions I was going to be responsible."
Ask many accountability and responsibility quedtions.

Business Office Manager in Englewood:
"I wish I knew the actual market for the compensation."
Organization is key, managing your time effectively, customer service, follow through and the ability to be a doer.

Business Office Manager in Santa Rosa:
"Better Understanding of daily responsibilities."
Listen, observe, absorb the culture of the company and then serve others in that capacity.

Business Office Manager in Walsenburg:
"Challenging, high stress level, diversified work."
Pros: My staff.
Cons: Lack of tools to accomplish what is expected.

Business Office Manager in South Burlington:
"Multitasker ninja."
Be prepared to face all obstacles that stand in your way and to make sure you prioritize correctly between business and personal skills, and schedules.

Business Office Manager in Carroll:
"Detailed cash collections and billing."
Time management and detailed billing and reports needed.

Business Office Manager in Sioux Falls:
"Very Enlightening Job."
Pros: Dealing with different people every day and getting out of the office a lot.
Cons: Evicting people and prepare sales tax returns.