Business Office Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Business Office Manager?

Business Office Manager in Camarillo:
"Beutiful Place to Work."
Pros: Close to home, shops banks etc
Cons: Nothing

Business Office Manager in Royersford:
"Good to know:"
Find out what type of support you will receive from CEO.

Business Office Manager in Bourbonnais:
Pros: Commute.
Cons: Small town.

Business Office Manager in Colorado Springs:
"Get an employment contract."
I had never worked for a company that didn't give me a pay increase within the first 90 days, max. This company doesn't give raises. There are folks here that haven't had a pay increase in close to 7 years! The more work you do in your position, the more they will put on you. Lean and mean is one thing, but having everyone covering their position, plus additional duties constantly is too much to ask for, especially when they are never compensated for it.

Business Office Manager in Jesup:
Pros: I like the billing and problem solving side of it because it requires critical thinking which challenges me on a regular basis.
Cons: There is no room for career advancement.

Business Office Manager in Warren:
Pros: Co workers, atmosphere, feeling of satisfication of job well done. Book keeping, accounts receivable and accounts payable.
Cons: N/a.

Business Office Manager in Dayton:
"I love it."
Pros: The fast paced environment.
Cons: No help.