Caregiver Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Caregiver?

Caregiver in Waynesboro:
"Home health care."
Treat people with the respect they deserve and they will love you forever. That is the way they should be treated.

Caregiver in Houston:
"A job that makes you feel good."
Pros: It is wonderful to know you are bringing happiness to others.
Cons: So many patients you can spend personal time with all of them.

Caregiver in Orange:
"Elderly Caregiver."
Pros: I enjoyed the care that I provide and the satisfaction in making my clients happy.
Cons: Some times its long work hours if I work a 12 hour shift.

Caregiver in Medford:
"That client has severe personalty disorder and lies constant."
Run. Dont look back.

Caregiver in Detroit:
"It's hard but I wouldn't change it. I love it."
Pros: Being with the boys. I am very close to them and love them and care for them. Their parents, the boys and I are like a family.
Cons: I feel underappreciated for all that I do.

Caregiver in Lakewood:
Pros: I love getting to know all the residents.
Cons: Always understaffed and under appreciated.

Caregiver in Colorado Springs:
Pros: The people and making a difference.
Cons: The pay for the amount of responsibility we have.