Caregiver Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Caregiver?

Caregiver in Destin:
"Scattered. It is hard because we are constantly going to."
Pros: Are very professional in most fields.
Cons: Money.

Caregiver in Clinton:
"Its amazing to know my assistance makes a life easier to liv."
Pros: Noticing the changes for the better or even knowing I'm making things easier for someone to still feel self worth.
Cons: Some days when dementia moments happen and there's no chance of redirection except to wait it out can be tough. When you can not help someone emotionally so you do what you can and hope for a quick turn around for them.

Caregiver in Huntsville:
Pros: My clients, they make the stress bearable knowing that they are always smiling when I arrive at work.
Cons: Having to deal with over baring co workers and unappreciative administration.

Caregiver in San Bruno:
"Care giving is a calling and devotion."
To all caregivers, this job needs a lot of understanding, patience, devotion, sensitivity and genuine care for humanity. Your character, integrity, and core value will be tested. This is one of the most difficult job because it requires physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Sorry to say, but the minimum wage for this job should be higher.

Caregiver in Colorado Springs:
Pros: Being able to take care of elderly people. They teach you a lot, and very good companion people.
Cons: Nothing really, except dome don't appreciate what You do.

Caregiver in Eugene:
"Better pay."
Keep doing what your doing because it is worth it to be able to care for some one that needs our help.

Caregiver in San Bernardino:
"Low pay."
Find a respectful company that pays well, and treats staff well.