Carpenter Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Carpenter?

Carpenter in Orchard Park:
"Work experience."
Pros: The people are usually pleasant and its convenient.
Cons: The winters are long and the weather changes quickly.

Carpenter in Stonington:
Pros: It's close and stress free.

Carpenter in Sidney:
Work safely, productivly, and always have an open mind. Willingness to learn new things about your trade.

Carpenter in Brockton:
"It is physically taxing but also rewarding constructing."

Carpenter in Martinsville:
Learn as much as you you can tak the trad anywhere.

Carpenter in North Charleston:
"It's hard to get ahead."
Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Home owns.

Carpenter in Houston:
"How my wages would Be robbed."
Pay your dues. Respect the art and have integrity about whatever it is you do and always find at least one thing to learn every day or else it's a wasted day.