Cashier Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Cashier?

Cashier in Oakwood:
"A great adventure."
Pros: The challenge with good pay Overall.
Cons: The stress of watching people get fired.

Cashier in Mahopac:
Pros: Corporate culture and what the company stands for and is aiming towards.
Cons: The feeling that you are just another face and easily replaceable.

Cashier in Colonial Heights:
"It is very painful."
Pros: The money.
Cons: Managers undermine each other, there is little communication between managers, they belittle lower rank managers, they talk smart to each other.

Cashier in Jacksonville:
Pros: Improving my social skills as an individual observing the different personalities within my work place.
Cons: Lack of teamwork by my fellow co workers when it is apparent.Lack of diversity when it comes to age. There are too many young people who are lazy which sometimes places a strain on getting duties done. Managers expect too much from those who are great at what they do ignoring the main issue to better others. Seniority being taken for granted and abused very often.

Cashier in Oklahoma City:
"Need to let the customer be rights."
Every customer has a need and you have to address that need.

Cashier in Friendswood:
"That It Is Harder Than It Looks."
Hang in there. The customer is always right. Everyday can bring a headache but for those few diamond in the rough customers that shine through and make your day worth it, you gotta keep going.

Cashier in Lexington:
"I like it."
Pros: I like working at the kangaroo it stays busy. .
Cons: I like everything about my job.