Cashier Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Cashier?

Cashier in Livingston:
Pros: The customers and dealing with them. Some of them just make your day.
Cons: Everything else. The bosses are crazy. The pay is terrible. No double pay on holidays either.

Cashier in Milton:
Pros: Co-workers, free food.
Cons: Gets boring sometimes.

Cashier in Corpus Christi:
"Hard work for what I'm getting payed."
Pros: The only think I like about my job is that it gives me a 20% discount on food and they give me one break.
Cons: The thing I like least at my job is how I am treated there and how there is so much drama when I'm trying to make a living off of 8$ an hour and I am the only one who seems to clean or do anything to try to help.

Cashier in Springfield:
Pros: Meeting new people. Staying busy.

Cashier in Menasha:
Pros: I like meeting new people and being able to put smile on their face.

Cashier in Eastport:
Pros: My regular customers are amazing and I have developed close relationships with them, as well as having created a family with my coworkers.
Cons: The majority of customers are from the hamptons or New York City and are complete tool bags. The show no respect or care or consideration and complain when I don't smile. The act entitled to every sale and every promotion(which no one is)

Cashier in Southold:
Pros: Coworkers location boss flexible.
Cons: Pay, not working enough.