Cashier Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Cashier?

Cashier in Morrisville:
"Not what you would expect at an amusement park."
Pros: I get free admission, free parking, 35%off retail and food items, I met a lot of new friends, I enjoy seeing happy people having a good time with their families.
Cons: I don't like going into work on my days off even though I want to take my daughter to six flags, most guests are rude and nasty, very low pay-not enough to support a family, hours are consistently cut, was promised full time but I only had 14 hours on my paycheck last week, not allowed to get most of the perks that a guest gets- no season passes; no food passes; not allowed to play games. A sixteen year old kid was making more than me even though he started the job after I did this is his first job were in the same department AND he doesn't have a single bill to pay or a child to feed and clothe.

Cashier in Kingston:
"Cashiering sucks."
Pros: Nothing. There is literally nothing good about cashiering.
Cons: People are rude, you are overworked and underpaid, and nobody has common sense.

Cashier in Chesapeake:
Pros: Flexibility.
Cons: Low pay.

Cashier in Centennial:
Pros: Interacting with new people and assisting them.
Cons: Short hours where I only work 29 hours a week.

Cashier in El Paso:
Pros: The pay and my workplace environment.
Cons: Customers can get very rude.

Cashier in Fairfax:
Pros: I like working with the customers.
Cons: I don't toliken dealing with angry customers but I handle it very well.

Cashier in Conway:
"I greet customers, stock, clean, put truck up, handle money."
Pros: The custmoers being happy after I sale to them.
Cons: The favortism between manager and other cashiers. The way I always have to work 6 days a week and others get 2 days off in a roll. Bening schudled late time knowing I dont have my own car that my fiance brings me to and form work.