Cashier Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Cashier?

Cashier in El Cajon:
"Thier metrics for cashiers is fraud. They promote people by."
Pros: Fast pace working with people.
Cons: They are not being fair and par time hrs.. You stick it outfit years and have no bad point then they promote somebody to full time that has only been thier 7 months and me 2/12 years.

Cashier in Pretoria:
"Being a cashier takes alot of responsibilty because, we work with money and we must be careful handling cash and also making sure customer come back after a good service given."
Pros: I get to meet people , talk to them , working in a team and always being friendly and smiling .
Cons: Working under pressure and getting furious customers to deal with . The job can be very hard and we must be fast paced all the time.

Cashier in Gardner:
"The coworkers."
Pros: I really like my boss and my coworkers. The customers are the best and I love taking the time to listen to them.I like how family oriented it feels to come to work. I don't mind doing whatever my boss asks me to do because I would love to grow with this company.
Cons: The only bad thing about the store where I work is when the doors open a blast of cold air comes through. The customers make comments all the time about how we can work in those conditions and I tell them, because we need to be here for you. I tell them that I feel more for them because a customer should not be cold when checking out of the store.

Cashier in Bowling Green:
"Next question please."
Pros: Weekly pay vacation.
Cons: Electronic harassment daily. Favor. Drama out control employee /team no open door policy ..

Cashier in Indianapolis:
Pros: My coworkers are great and the job pays well for what it is.
Cons: Often do not receive breaks and not nearly enough employees. There's a lot of turnover with employees.

Cashier in Westfield:
"Just do ur job."
When applying for a job like mine u are exposed to customers of all sorts nice n angry rude or just overall a bleeping idiot but just do ur job be nice n things will work in urfavor.

Cashier in Flint:
Pros: We are a company entirely dedicated to our customers' satisfaction and we continually strive to make their shopping experience most memorable. The training team, our supervisors and store directors make employees and customers alike feel we are like family.
Cons: I have no complaints whatsoever. Our company's values are outstanding.