Charge Nurse (LPN) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Charge Nurse (LPN)?

Charge Nurse (LPN) in Indianapolis:
Pros: Providing care for the people that have fought for our country.
Cons: Not having the amount of staff to provide the best care for our HERO'S

Charge Nurse (LPN) in Canton:
"At my current position it is stressful but Canton is a beautiful town."
Pros: Dedication to residents care
Cons: Drama

Charge Nurse (LPN) in Bristol:
"Great place, close to home."
Pros: I live in Bristol Va and work in Abingdon Va
Cons: pay is less than in the state of Tn

Charge Nurse (LPN) in Birmingham:
"Departments heads dont have your back."
Really look at bemefits!

Charge Nurse (LPN) in Cockeysville:
"Patient focused environment managed by caring individuals."
Pros: My patients and the difference my nursing skills make in their life.
Cons: Required to work 3 12 hour shifts.

Charge Nurse (LPN) in Manassas Park:
"Low morale."
Pros: Taking care of the elderly residents.