Charge Nurse (RN) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Charge Nurse (RN)?

Charge Nurse (RN) in Albertville:
"Close to home."
Pros: Make my own schedule. Coworkers work together.
Cons: Patient ratio. Favoritism.

Charge Nurse (RN) in Milton:
Pros: Know many people. Close knit community.
Cons: Alot of overtime...people favorites.

Charge Nurse (RN) in Eureka:
"No orientation."
Do your homework and ask alot of questions up front and ask for the salary you know you are worth and don't short change yourself. Ask about shift differential and weekend differential and demand an orientation.

Charge Nurse (RN) in Spartanburg:
"Things always change."
Be sure to cover yourself no matter what.

Charge Nurse (RN) in Bethesda:
"Dialysis Nursing."
Pros: The satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in someone's life/healthcare.
Cons: The long hours and difficult employees to work with.

Charge Nurse (RN) in Vidalia:
Research your pay scale.

Charge Nurse (RN) in Overland Park:
There is too much work to be done to get it all done, especially when the facility is full or management assigns 1.5 Halls of work. Prioritize and get the most important things done.