Charge Nurse (RN) Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Charge Nurse (RN)?

Charge Nurse (RN) in Tampa:
"Treat people like you would like to be treared."
Pass on knowledge it is the key to Harmony and less stress in your job take time to talk to people on your needs and wants make sure that you understand what is expected of you and in turn but you expect of other people the best things I can tell you is like what you do you don't like what you do shouldn't be doing it.

Charge Nurse (RN) in Niantic:
"Beach town."
Pros: Nice town, good weather sometimes. Beach community.
Cons: Summer traffic.

Charge Nurse (RN) in Wytheville:
"I love working in Wytheville."
Pros: It's where I grew up. I have worked in medical field since graduation 1978, & I know lots of people in the area. They feel comfortable with my nursing, & I feel comfortable taking care of them. Not lot of traffic or crime. Lots of resturants.
Cons: Co worker.

Charge Nurse (RN) in Charleston:
"Laid back."
Pros: Historical attributes, beaches, restaurants.....
Cons: Humidity, roads, schools.

Charge Nurse (RN) in Leitchfield:
Pros: Leitchfield is a nice community to live and work in.
Cons: There are only a few job opportunities.

Charge Nurse (RN) in Ocala:
"There's room to grow in your career."
Pros: The patient population varies.
Cons: Many indigent patients and they make demands on the system.

Charge Nurse (RN) in Burlington:
Pros: Quiet communities; good place to raise children.
Cons: Weather, not a lot to do.