Charge Nurse (RN) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Charge Nurse (RN)?

Charge Nurse (RN) in Richmond:
"Taking care of 12 patients and charging the floor."
Pros: my co workers are lovely
Cons: the workload is heavy,this care delivery model that they just started at my job is awful. I have to take 12 patients in a team plus charge the floor,it's a mess.

Charge Nurse (RN) in South Boston:
"Hard steady work."
Pros: Helping patients improve
Cons: Pay

Charge Nurse (RN) in Yakima:
Pros: Small town, friendly
Cons: Lack of opportunities

Charge Nurse (RN) in Sebring:
"Family-Like Community."
Pros: Close to home
Cons: Limited experience

Charge Nurse (RN) in Fort Myers:
"Punta Gorda is a nice little town."
Pros: I work just up the road and the people are very nice
Cons: The commute

Charge Nurse (RN) in Charleston:
Pros: City, culture, beach, family, friends, food.
Cons: Traffic/commute, cost of living.

Charge Nurse (RN) in Dallas:
"Diversely populated and fast paced."
Pros: As a float nurse I work with different employees in familiar yet varying locationsrr.
Cons: Not working with the same patients all the time in a setting where patient familiarity is beneficial to everyone and as educator you do not get to see the results of your time and commitment to ensuring patients are as empowered in their own health needs as possible.