Client Service Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Client Service Manager?

Client Service Manager in Moscow:
"Great Community."
Pros: Good Colleagues, Short Commute
Cons: Fewer advancement opportunities

Client Service Manager in Lynnfield:
Pros: It is local, and somewhat flexible.
Cons: Everyone is overworked. Company is very understaffed. Production load is growing while employees are depleting.

Client Service Manager in Destin:
"I love it!"
Pros: Raised here.
Cons: The drive and bride toll.

Client Service Manager in Boston:
Pros: Access to public transportation and lots of great food/ restaurants. The city culture is great.
Cons: The commute can be awful in the harsh winter.

Client Service Manager in Portland:
"Laid back, growing at a fast pace."
Pros: Opportunity, easy commute, culture.
Cons: Cost of living, becoming a hipster town.

Client Service Manager in Milwaukee:
"Great city with good food, activities and culture."
Pros: Office space is clean, layout conducive to a good work environment, many amenities close by.
Cons: Too far from home.

Client Service Manager in Laredo:
"Laredo review."
Pros: Technical challenge, customer relationships, diffent activities.
Cons: Heavy stressfull work lack of planning.