Collections Specialist Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Collections Specialist?

Collections Specialist in Indianapolis:
"Very Busy."
Stay focused on learning new payors to become efficient and productive.

Collections Specialist in Atlanta:
"Reconciling accounts,"
Be patient with the customers.

Collections Specialist in Lafayette:
Be patient & listen to the customer.

Collections Specialist in Lewisville:
Pros: New CEO, making lots of great changes in company. Management team is great, communication has definitely change. We are provided with how we are doing as far as revenue and changes that will be made before they are made. The education team is great! Always providing us with information about non required class for additional learning. Dress code change from business casual to casual. Food once a month, games, contest, massage once a month. Corporate shopping in building, venders are in house.
Cons: Due to new CEO and other upper management team, directors and mangers that have been with company for many years have quit and moved on. Making it a little difficult to understand what and when I will be working next.

Collections Specialist in Lexington:
To put in what you expect in return. Learn that you can turn a no into a yes.

Collections Specialist in Phoenix:
Pros: It's easy. But feels extremely pointless.
Cons: I get very little work to do but get in trouble when I get done with it and have nothing to do.

Collections Specialist in San Antonio:
Learn the job and be open minded.