Collections Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Collections Specialist?

Collections Specialist in Littleton:
"Nice area, lots of things close by."
Pros: It's not Downton, easy to get to.

Collections Specialist in Montgomery:
Work hard be considerate to others and understand some people are just going through a bad situation.

Collections Specialist in Lake Forest:
"Under paid."
Pros: Flexible with life situations.
Cons: Under paid and not caring or valuing our opinions.

Collections Specialist in Mesa:
"Satisfying, and Grateful."
Pros: I love what I do, I love the flexability I have to work from home. I love running the credit cards and posting payments, I feel such a sense of accomplishment.
Cons: Honestly the only 2 bad things I can think about my job, are my pay, and that I can't be full time.

Collections Specialist in Charleston:
Pros: Free time good pay compared to other places.
Cons: Let go if don't meet goal every so often.

Collections Specialist in Pembroke Pines:
To listen to the person on the other side. One needs to understand their situation so as to determine course of action. Also have patience almost people are embarrassed and or never been in this situation. Abe to negotiate. Be prepared to do research on disputed issues. Know the law that governs the type of collections you handle. In house collections may be different than a collection agency.

Collections Specialist in Columbia:
Pros: They offer a ramp up stage as far as a monthly goal for collections so you don't start with a big goal, everyone is friendly, they hire very respectable people.
Cons: Some times you are the one to work the negotiations best on an account and another rep with credit for it and in turn they get paid.