Contract Administrator Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Contract Administrator?

Contract Administrator in Jacksonville:
"Loving to Read."
You need to enjoy reading and have the ability to remember what you read so you can eliminate any contradictions. You need to be able to prioritize you work.

Contract Administrator in Lowell:
"Great company; horrific legal dept experience."
Fly under the radar; do not speak your mind not matter how much they encourage you to do's a trap; do your job well; if you can play their game, you will be ok. Don't expect too much in the way of genuine support. Associate Corp Council is condescending, egotistical, weak.

Contract Administrator in Gaithersburg:
"The Management."
Pros: It has prepared me for a career, I am grateful for the foundation it has given me since I intended to pursue this line of work.
Cons: There is no career development that comes with the job. In many ways, the management have prevented me from growing in my position. The most important fact about my dissatisfaction is the lack growth potential and the fact that I am grossly underpaid. I have no benefits whatsoever, I don't even get paid for national holidays.

Contract Administrator in Denver:
"Hectic EOQ's but fun because I live for puzzles."
Pros: Autonomy ... Leadership support ... My team.

Contract Administrator in Andover:
Pros: Communication.
Cons: Deadline.

Contract Administrator in Newport News:
"Co-workers reliability is not good."
Obtain a degree.

Contract Administrator in Fairfax:
"Government Wide Acquisition Contracts."
Pros: Flexible schedule.
Cons: Pay. No travel. No perks.