Contract Administrator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Contract Administrator?

Contract Administrator in New Cumberland:
Pros: Commute, cost of living.
Cons: Things to do.

Contract Administrator in Lebanon:
"Work Flexibility and management."
Pros: Currently, I work remotely. However, will end soon as they are consolidating positions to Dallas and I am not relocating. That is very disappointing. It has been very pleasant working with the management I work with.
Cons: Working remotely does have disadvantages in not being able to be around others in the department. You aren't involved in conversations that happen regularly in the office setting to learn of new information.

Contract Administrator in Robins AFB:
"It is not a one size fits all."
One's ability to multi-task will be a huge asset when coming into a Contracting roll. As a person supports multiple regions, projects, or other various personnel the demands of one's time can ebb and flow. One top of needing to multi-task this person should be very efficient in time management or tasks will get away and deadlines missed. Just about every duty under this job title is time sensitive and requires high levels of auditing and efficiency of accuracy.

Contract Administrator in Orange:
Pros: It's Centralized and close to home.
Cons: I have No cons to working in Orange.

Contract Administrator in New York:
"I need to make more money, but..."
Pros: My boss, flexibility with hours, commute.
Cons: PTO is minimal. Salary increases are embarrassingly low.

Contract Administrator in 94509:
"I would like to move."
Pros: I love my family.
Cons: Culture, people, weather, debris, school ratings, cost of living.

Contract Administrator in Waynesboro:
"Expect Nothing, Prepare for Anything."
Expect Nothing, Prepare for Anything.