Contract Administrator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Contract Administrator?

Contract Administrator in Hartford:
"Wish Idid this sooner."
Pros: Understanding what I’m doing and why
Cons: Lots of changes all the time.

Contract Administrator:
If you are young, male and know Spanish, you can rise quickly in this company. Or you can work at the same dead end job for years and retire with good benefits. Too many bright people get pigeon-holed into positions and either leave the company or give up on their career.

Contract Administrator in Redwood City:
"Innovative and Exciting."
Pros: Exposure to a workforce that is actively looking for solutions
Cons: the commute

Contract Administrator:
Finance/Accounting/Admin staff is overworked and under appreciated. Very little professional development and advancement opportunities for the accounting/finance staff of the firm. Very poor corporate and inter-office communications to employees.

Contract Administrator in Camarillo:
Pros: The programs we support
Cons: Stress level

Contract Administrator in Boulder:
Cons: Very crowded, all the traffic. Cost of living.