Cook, Restaurant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Cook, Restaurant?

Cook, Restaurant in Burlington:
"Hard work, long hours."
Pros: My co-workers and the great food we make each day.
Cons: Long hours with no breaks, very hot, demanding job.

Cook, Restaurant in Southgate:
Pros: I cook food for the patients and the clients.
Cons: Helping the sick people to recover from their sickness.

Cook, Restaurant in Lancaster:
Pros: Shift meals, free live music, atmosphere.
Cons: Always busy, prepping or serving food or washing dishes.

Cook, Restaurant in Kernersville:
Pros: Work flexibility. Fun atmosphere. Plenty of hours. Great coworkers. Good food.
Cons: A few inconsiderate coworkers. Drama between shift crews. Food waste. Cleanliness with some coworkers.

Cook, Restaurant in Logansport:
Pros: Working in a kitchen again.
Cons: The hours and the treatment.