Cook, Restaurant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Cook, Restaurant?

Cook, Restaurant in Tucker:
"It is ok."
Pros: Talking to people and services.
Cons: The hours or working doubles.

Cook, Restaurant in Boston:
Pros: It is convenient ably yo get yo job site by car or transportation on time.
Cons: The traffic con be congested rather by car or public transportation.

Cook, Restaurant in Delaware:
"Under paid."
Pros: There are a fair amount of great opportunity in Delaware I just haven't got the chance to experience one yet.. I appreciate myself and the rest is on the company.
Cons: Most of the job pay is for kids or college students, unless your in certain fields of work than the pay varies depending on the person. I have the experience in every field I try for just no win yet. The jobs I get I'm always under paid and expected to do the most and teach others.. With no compensation.

Cook, Restaurant in Oconomowoc:
"Somewhat stressful, on my feet all day, need a bigger kitche."
Pros: I work well with others. I get to use my creativity.
Cons: Physical labor.

Cook, Restaurant in Bridgeport:
The management is elderly and old fashioned; most everything is outdated, and the clientele is the same. It is not a place one can expect to make a career, the turnover is high, and wages are stagnant (in my time there, my wages have increased by less than $2).

Cook, Restaurant in Tullahoma:
Pros: It can have it's good and bad days.
Cons: NOT taking time understand what trying to do.

Cook, Restaurant in Shelby:
"Fun, but harsh and very extrenious."
Pros: The fun environment and good people I work around, (Christian foundation)
Cons: I work at this chick fil a restaurant as a cook currently making $7.35 an hour, and believe that the owner does not treat our team members fairly. As I am 17 and more times than not I work until after 11pm on school nights. Some of my co-workers have worked there 2+ years and have yet to receive a raise which seems absurd to me, while our owner is rarely there when he is, is a harsh micro manager and seems only interested in profits for his own good, I really enjoy working at chick-fil-a because of the good environment and people I work with, and also the constant business and something always needing to be done. And I also believe I work my absolute hardest all the time for long hours because all breaks must be done with before 5 o clock and everyone in the kitchen closes, and I also believe no one is being appreciated or paid as they should be and worked until exhaustion, because I feel as if we need 5 people in the kitchen every night, but we only have 4 every night except Friday's.