Copywriter Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Copywriter?

Copywriter in Seattle:
"Fun and exciting place to work."
Pros: The people here are great. Everyone is supportive and encouraging, and there are so many talented people to learn from.
Cons: No uniform processes, so some teams function better than others. Payscale and review process isn’t transparent/confusing for someone new.

Copywriter in Lansing:
"Not quite Detroit."
Pros: Only big city near our home
Cons: Smaller version of Detroit

Copywriter in Richmond:
Pros: Art & Culture
Cons: Pigeon Holed into working for the one big ad company

Copywriter in Chattanooga:
"A Thriving Creative Community."
Pros: It feels laid back.
Cons: Sometimes, I feel like it doesn't afford the same kind of opportunities as a bigger city.

Copywriter in Chicago:
Pros: I love the people, activities, architecture and opportunities.
Cons: I've been here my whole life.

Copywriter in New York:
"Fun when given the right opportunity."
Pros: I enjoy seeing my work published in ads or getting to create a brand voice that was built by me. I enjoy the people on my team. I also appreciate our remote policy.
Cons: The teams responsible for delivering our work tend to be disorganized. Also that creative liberties are taken away due to brand voice or that the opinions of those outside creative are over weighed.

Copywriter in Portland:
"Slow and steady wins the race."
Start by writing thoughts and observations everyday for writing practice, read. I can't stress this enough: read.