Corporate Trainer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Corporate Trainer?

Corporate Trainer in Las Vegas, Nevada:
"Always adapting to the fast paced changing culture."
Pros: The diverse background of employees.
Cons: High turnover.

Corporate Trainer in Detroit, Michigan:
"Nice place to work."
Pros: There are plenty of places to eat on lunch
Cons: The long commute

Corporate Trainer in Raleigh:
"Listen First. Think Second. Speak Last."
Use your senses. HEAR what people are saying. LOOK them in the eye. ASK a lot of questions. TAKE a deep breath before answering. ALWAYS treat people with politeness and respect in the work place. YOU are always being observed, even when you are not front and center.

Corporate Trainer in Cincinnati:
Be inclusive and always project the feeling that it's all about supporting your stakeholders and their needs.

Corporate Trainer in Minneapolis:
"People management;learning on the fly; public speaking;"
Pros: Watching trainees grow; helping.
Cons: Assumptions.