Crew Leader Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Crew Leader?

Crew Leader:
It is great so far but I came in as a journeyman and got promoted to a crew lead a week later which is great but was told I have to wait to get my raise but it’s ok cause I know it’s coming. The benefits are great and the leadership is awesome they recognize talent and will use it if you are willing.

Crew Leader in Des Moines:
Pros: Lots of agricultural jobs
Cons: The pay isn’t up to par

Crew Leader in Warrenton:
Pros: Close to home
Cons: I dont know

Crew Leader in Avon Lake:
"Not the best pay."
Pros: Free food/drinks
Cons: People who have worked less and perform less get promoted quicker than those who have proved their experience.

Crew Leader in San Diego:
"Its Amazing."
Pros: The weather, location, and environment.
Cons: Rude people, traffic, and price.

Crew Leader in Bohemia:
"Ok I guess."
Pros: I don’t know
Cons: Far east

Crew Leader in Savannah:
"Not terrible."
Pros: Close to my home
Cons: Can’t make what you are worth