Custodian Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Custodian?

Custodian in Roswell:
"Low pay."
If u have years of experience in that position dont let them low ball u with cheap pay u deserve better otherwise if you're new then its fair pay.

Custodian in Cleveland:
"Rewarding experience."
Pros: I provide a clean environment for students.

Custodian in Monroe:
"Easy to work enviroment."
Pros: It is not too hard of work.
Cons: Boring.

Custodian in Cicero:
"Work for older humans."
If you are younger than 35.. Go to school find a good job!!!

Custodian in McAllen:
Cons: Always have to keep everything spotless clean.

Custodian in Alamogordo:
"Safety First."
Always use eye and hand protection when using chemicals.

Custodian in Montebello:
"I was being underpaid."
Ask for fair pay.