Custodian Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Custodian?

Custodian in Lafayette:
"No future."
Look at other options.

Custodian in Brookville:
"That there was no room for advancing or higher pay."
Go back to school/collage and find a different job. Being a custodian is more than sweeping and mopping. Repairs need done, gym equipment needs moved around, doors need locked or unlocked for someone. You need people skills and child background checks. Knowledge of equipment, cleaning solutions, maintenance, alarms, where everything is stored, what sporting, musical or academic event is going on, and the requirements for that particular event. The different seasons need different maintenance, summer cleaning, snow removal, grass cutting, pool maintenance, football, baseball and soccer fields, all require different maintenance.

Custodian in Vanderhoof:
Pros: Able to clean things up working at my own pace.
Cons: Cleaning the dirty gross toilets at times.

Custodian in Wilson:
"Love it."
Pros: Being around the kids helping staff to have a better day! Making school easier for everyone who attends!
Cons: Timing ! Having to be there so early I have my oldest who will be attending high school and my two younger kids need to get to their school at different times so I need a job that will allow that!

Custodian in Waukesha:
Pros: Independent work steady hours consistency.
Cons: Bad management stressful environment.

Custodian in Pearsall:
Pros: The hours cause I get to spend time with my kids on the weekends.
Cons: The people that I work with, they don't want to work .or do there job.

Custodian in Rotan:
Find ways to stay motivated.