Custodian Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Custodian?

Custodian in Mason:
"It’s hard not stop work can be stressful I enjoy it however."
Pros: I like who I work with I like my boss I get the supplies I need to do the work an cleaning I need to do so it’s pretty good.
Cons: Having to shovel snow outside an do jobs that I’m not suppose to do that are others jobs at times but it’s okay at the end.

Its physical work, and you have part time employees, we have our designated work areas we do daily. The Supervisor is good about helping us out when needed. The pay is a joke really, I didn't make this low in pay even in 2006, they could do better with the pay rate, and add full time positions with benefits, and then maybe they wouldn't have such a shortage for custodian positions.

Custodian in Moscow:
"Rewarding but when were short staffed they still push you to do more."
Pros: The people I work with and the students
Cons: Being short staffed and feeling like your not appreciated at times.. especially when we get our evaluations

Custodian in Staten Island:
"All star whom became a bench player."
Pros: Tuition reimbursement
Cons: Upward mobility

Custodian in Springfield:
"Would be a good job IF..."
Pros: My hometown
Cons: A lot of employers do not treat their employees as fairly as they should. In my opinion.

Custodian in Tacoma:
"A struggle."
Pros: Commute
Cons: Cost of living

Custodian in Hendersonville:
"Not being appreciated by some of the staff."
Pros: I love close to my job.
Cons: The pay is very low to be 2018