Custodian Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Custodian?

Custodian in North Fort Myers:
Pros: Travel time
Cons: Nothing

Custodian in Fremont:
"One of the best places I've worked at."
Pros: The residents make working here worth while. You'll find that you build relationships with residents that's fulfilling and purposeful. There's no rotating shifts. Workers in our (Environmental Services) department start their shifts between 4am and 7am. The beautiful scenery at this location is almost unparalleled in Alameda County. The benefits package is competitive: Medical, Dental, Vision, 401 (k), PTO, and more.
Cons: As with any job, politics can be discouraging at times. When I first started 4 years ago, I loved working here but upper management has been undervaluing our department by giving us 10-50 cent raises a year which is not enough to give us a fighting chance to deal with the rising cost of living. We're being overloaded with work that could be remedied by delegating certain tasks/projects to the appropriate departments. The only meaningful appreciation we've received is from the residents. Upper Management can do much better and, logically, their decisions towards boosting morale in our department would improve productivity/efficiency much more.

Custodian in Richmond Hill:
Pros: I like that its in walking distance of my home.
Cons: I don"t like that the pay period is very long.

Custodian in Hendersonville:
Pros: I am mostly working by myself ,and holiday pay, plus one weeks paid vacation. When something like tools or machines break down there is a problem with supervision that is to take care, which complains.
Cons: Too many task in one day.I get the basic done.1st shift complains then about things they can finish off with out complaint. Spring and summer can get humid in that season! Pay raise needs to be every 6month to a year!

Custodian in West Branch:
"General cleaning of classrooms and bathrooms and others."
Pros: Working by myself for the most part.
Cons: No benefits to speak of. Low pay wage.

Custodian in Glencoe:
"Fairly decent job."
Pros: Easy work for the job you do.
Cons: Hours, co workers management, and pay.

Custodian in Omaha:
"How to operate a floor buffet."
Take your hands off the buffer trigger if it gets out of control, and don't try to fight it. Keep cord behind you at all times.