Customer Service Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Specialist?

Customer Service Specialist in Novi:
"Nice City, Heavy Traffic."
Pros: There are a lot of stores and restaurants in the area.
Cons: The commute from Royal Oak is pretty long.

Customer Service Specialist in Tempe:
"Software, Customer Engagement, Supportive Team/Management."
Pros: Easy access, less then 20 min commute
Cons: 5pm traffic back to the city

Customer Service Specialist:
It's not the job that's terrible it's the people you work with and how your treated with no respect.I felt like I was just a number not a person.There has been so much turn over of people to work there is new employees every day.

Customer Service Specialist in Twin Falls:
"Not fun when your managers are fighting against one another and drag employees into it."
Pros: It is where my husband and I live. My husband is close to retirement
Cons: As I said; when you are supposed to keep a team together and there are two managers that sabotages every effort and verbally abuse you in the presence of customers. I did speak out towards my direct district managers; they have stepped in but the situation has the point where both managers uses annual performance reviews as retribution for the reason that I have asked for district managers to intervene and diffuse the ongoing feuds between the two managers.

Customer Service Specialist in Dallas:
"Loreal is great."
Pros: So many good food places for lunch
Cons: Traffic is awful

Customer Service Specialist in Knoxville:
"A great place to work and live."
Pros: people,atomosphere,mountains
Cons: traffic

Customer Service Specialist in Seattle:
Pros: opportunity, friends, social life
Cons: cost of living