Customer Success Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Success Manager?

Customer Success Manager in Denver:
Pros: Access to mountains
Cons: Traffic

Customer Success Manager:
Good management, good benefits with reasonable premium for good coverage. Generous PTO. Culture is good but still improving. Compensation is below market is some areas, but they are doing a lot to improve career path options to keep good talent.

Customer Success Manager in New York:
"You’ve gotta be tough."
Pros: The energy and the passion
Cons: You can always be replaced

Customer Success Manager in Nashville:
Pros: Healthcare hub
Cons: Pay Doesn’t align with cost of living

Customer Success Manager in Vienna:
"Lengthy Traffic Lights, But Lots of Stores and Restaurants."
Pros: Easy access to amenities like stores and gym
Cons: Traffic and traffic lights, commuting on the beltway

Customer Success Manager in Seattle:
"Tech worker who works from home in Seattle."
Pros: Working in the tech industry and living in Seattle is fantastic because there are many job opportunities and Seattle is a vibrant, growing city. Networking opportunities exist everywhere.
Cons: The winter weather.

Customer Success Manager in New York:
Pros: Easy commute, casual startup environment and culture at most startups, surrounded by diverse individuals from all over the country & world, easily walkable to lunch and meetings, city culture.
Cons: MTA, cost of living, taxes.