Delivery Driver Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Delivery Driver?

Delivery Driver in Waterbury:
Pros: Its closer to home.
Cons: I'm not satisfied.

Delivery Driver in Harrison:
Pros: I have met some really good friends and have learned quite a bit.
Cons: There are honestly too many bad things to list.

Delivery Driver in Anaheim:
"Delivery driver."
Pros: Learning all the freeways and cities surrounding southern California. Finding new restaurants or stores you've never been to before.
Cons: Traffic is the worst thing. Other people's bad driving is difficult to deal with.

Delivery Driver in Colorado Springs:
"I show up in Denver and get my route."
Pros: I like the people I work with and how they want us to be safe doing are jobs.
Cons: The way we don't know what Route we are going to do. I don't like how they don't back up the Drivers.

Delivery Driver in Phoenix:
Pros: Driving different places during the day in a company cargo van.
Cons: There is too much traffic with bad drivers and other trucks.

Delivery Driver in La Porte:
"Job Review."
Pros: On the go and fast paced environment in which there is a lot of freedom to self-manage.
Cons: To many bosses, unfair wages, little ensentive to go the extra mile.

Delivery Driver in Chicago:
"If you like time alone and driving be a driver."
Pros: Time alone, working at my own pace, freedom to plan my routes, and being home daily.
Cons: Bad drivers and dealing with impatient customers.