Delivery Driver Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Delivery Driver?

Delivery Driver in Hattiesburg:
"Things you go through in the professional world."
Perform with a professional attitude at all times, be productive, caring, understanding, focused, safe, responsible, helpful and kind.

Delivery Driver in San Antonio:
Pros: Driving meet new people.
Cons: Weather changes.

Delivery Driver in Fayetteville:
Pros: I get to watch the customers smile when I bring the Coke out.
Cons: The way Great Plains is conducted they are not organized.

Delivery Driver in Rogers:
Pros: The time management skills and experience I am getting.
Cons: Communication between the different branches of the company.

Delivery Driver in Idaho Falls:
"Great. Long hours."
Pros: Small company. Get to see and meet new people.
Cons: Long hours. Low pay. No benefits. Stressful.

Delivery Driver in Maple Grove:
"I enjoy it."
Pros: The location is nice because it isn't too far from the cities.
Cons: Sometimes it feels a little out of the loop being a half hour-45 minute drive from my home.

Delivery Driver in Hackensack:
"It's good your all ways on the move."
Pros: All ways on the move I love driving sometimes the traffic is a killer but I like it its all ways a new challenge every day is different.
Cons: The miles we put on the car the gas and the tickets we get for not having parking and the pay rate sucks.