Dishwasher Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Dishwasher?

Dishwasher in Newberg:
Pros: People I work with and the students I help and talk to.
Cons: The fact that I train new hires and they make more money than me.

Dishwasher in Seattle:
"My Dishwashing Career."
Pros: I have to say I like to see how I manage to get a certain pile of dishes and pots totally clean and out of the way. A kitchen has to be clean so I enjoying cleaning the necessary areas of the kitchen to make the restaurant work place a wonderful place of business.
Cons: I have to say that I don't enjoy my wages and the way my boss handle the business. I don't have any problem washing the dishes but I hate it when my fellow co worker leave the dishes pile with food that was brought back from the customers table.

Dishwasher in Jacksonville:
"Simple Task with Little Stress."
Service, service, service! Primary responsibilities are to make the job of other hospitality staff as efficient and stress free as possible. The most important question one can ask is "what can I do to help?" The primary focus is, of course, providing a clean plate for the customer above all else. Sanitation and cleanliness are priorities not only at the front of the house but perhaps as importantly in the kitchen itself. A positive and upbeat attitude helps set the tone for the entire hospitality team because without your efforts nothing else that gets done will matter. You are the foundation that makes the entire hospitality experience possible. Good food and good service depend on good stewards servicing not only the customers but the chefs and kitchen staff who plan and prepare the delicious menu for all of us to enjoy!

Dishwasher in Viroqua:
"Strenuous and repetitive."
Pros: I get along with most of my co workers and when I can zone out and get all the work done no one bothers me.
Cons: My manager seems to feel that a dishwasher is deserving of less respect then a server or even the machine I do the dishes in.

Dishwasher in 85296:
"It's lIke a revolving door."
Pros: The people, and there willingness to help you improve your life, the eh give people chances that 90% of franchises don't.
Cons: Job training is horrible...... Here is your area your job is to do this and this watch..1 minute passes..... OK you try........8 hours pass......... So what you think. They need better training one day and that is not training.

Dishwasher in Mentor:
Pros: People are generally nice and willing to help out in time of need.
Cons: Your always in a rush during dinner time. And weekends are not alot of fun either.

Dishwasher in Bothell:
"Work environment."
Pros: #NAME?
Cons: Unorganized, Lack of communication between management staff, Lazy Workers, Lack of listening and help from co-workers, No time for me to take a lunch or break due to business.