Dishwasher Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Dishwasher?

Dishwasher in Viroqua:
"Strenuous and repetitive."
Pros: I get along with most of my co workers and when I can zone out and get all the work done no one bothers me.
Cons: My manager seems to feel that a dishwasher is deserving of less respect then a server or even the machine I do the dishes in.

Dishwasher in Seattle:
"My Dishwashing Career."
Pros: I have to say I like to see how I manage to get a certain pile of dishes and pots totally clean and out of the way. A kitchen has to be clean so I enjoying cleaning the necessary areas of the kitchen to make the restaurant work place a wonderful place of business.
Cons: I have to say that I don't enjoy my wages and the way my boss handle the business. I don't have any problem washing the dishes but I hate it when my fellow co worker leave the dishes pile with food that was brought back from the customers table.

Dishwasher in 85296:
"It's lIke a revolving door."
Pros: The people, and there willingness to help you improve your life, the eh give people chances that 90% of franchises don't.
Cons: Job training is horrible...... Here is your area your job is to do this and this watch..1 minute passes..... OK you try........8 hours pass......... So what you think. They need better training one day and that is not training.

Dishwasher in Mentor:
Pros: People are generally nice and willing to help out in time of need.
Cons: Your always in a rush during dinner time. And weekends are not alot of fun either.

Dishwasher in Bothell:
"Work environment."
Pros: -For the most part workers are nice.
Cons: Unorganized, Lack of communication between management staff, Lazy Workers, Lack of listening and help from co-workers, No time for me to take a lunch or break due to business.

Dishwasher in Lafayette:
"It's horrible."
Pros: I guess the only thing really is that the people I work with are amazing. They help keep my day going and if I would need off anytime I just call and they help me.
Cons: I got to do everything plus my job. I thought I was just a dish washer not a prep and all that other stuff. Gotta peel shrimp and butter bred. Gotta stop my job and do everything else.. It's just an under paying job. The stress is so horrible that I sometimes cry because being overwhelmed with crap. I'm a 17 year old hard core atv and motocross rider and take hits but this job here is just nuts. I rather work in the 100 degree weather any day for 8 an hour but this is just painful phisical and very mentally.

Dishwasher in Moreno Valley:
Pros: On top of dish washing I'm also line cooking and preparing food. So that helps me stay motivated to come to work, since I do have a passion for cooking.
Cons: It can get overwhelming knowing that I have so many responsibilities at work compared to my coworkers given the amount of time I've been there.