Dishwasher Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Dishwasher?

Dishwasher in Hudsonville:
"People have no respect for the dining experience."
Pros: Not applicable.
Cons: People have no respect in the restraunt experience.

Dishwasher in Indianapolis:
"It's a pretty popular restauraunt."
Pros: The people that come in the store.
Cons: Some people have shitball attitudes.

Dishwasher in Boise:
Pros: The people I work along side with.
Cons: When the servers don't make it a priority to bring the dishes from the front of the house in a timely manner.

Dishwasher in Mount Airy:
"Good environment great management."
Pros: Everyone gets along, flexible hr.
Cons: Sometimes people don't show up.

Dishwasher in Siletz:
"I wash dishes, mop, sweep take out trash."
Pros: Free food.
Cons: People who work there.

Dishwasher in Dayton:
"A minimum wage full-time job that is ALWAYS in-demand."
Pros: I know that I am one of the best dish washers in the business because I have been told so by three previous employers; however, my current employer will not make any acknowledgement as to the quality of work they see coming from me. They appreciate my work but try to make no comments and have told others not to discuss the previous dishwasher with me. They want make-believe that the prior dishwasher was not very good to the job and most other dishwashers are like I am; however, I have been notified three times from three separate employers that I am exceptional. There is no possibility my current employer believes the message they send. This employer behaves as if exceptional employees are only average and behaves to average employees as if they are exceptional. The reason I say this is a good thing is because when you are the best at something you either get a lot of entertainment watching people try to get out of acknowledging it or you get rewarded. Both are rewards likewise, lol.
Cons: The servers load the bus tubs in a disorganized manor piling everything into it in any way it will go instead of stacking like items. The extra work they are causing is substantial considering that they spill sauces on the glasses that need to be hand-washed instead of placing the glasses together in a bus tub with just glasses. If a second server goes to the bus tub to add dishes and the tub has been improperly handled, the server may face difficulty getting everything to fit well since bus tubs hold more with stacked items. Instead, the servers spill sauces on most of the glasses and then the dishwasher must spray them off before sending them through the dish machine, wasting water. What makes it so bad is the manager complains to the dish washer to save water but doesn't care that the servers are causing the water bill to go higher by creating unnecessary work for the spray hose. The dish washer works all day except cigarette breaks doing scheduled tasks while servers make messes.

Dishwasher in Dayton:
Pros: There are really no good points to make about this job.
Cons: Everything.Everything.Everything.Everything.Everything.Everything.Everything.Everything.Everything.Everything.Everything.Everything.Everything.