Dishwasher Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Dishwasher?

Dishwasher in Salisbury:
"Working in Salisbury Ma."
Pros: Its a nice town with awesome people.
Cons: It's a far commute.

Dishwasher in Addison:
"That I wouldn't have to do so much work and have so many pe."
Look for a better job.

Dishwasher in Marysville:
"Dishwasher work hours differ."
Make sure you can really do night shift dishwashing, for me its hard due to it being late and riding my bike from across town.

Dishwasher in Southwest Brevard Cnty:
"Employment is terrible."
Pros: There is nothing to like about it employers do not want to pay for my experience.

Dishwasher in Dodge City:
"How to stay on top of the dishes."
Keep up the good work. Work hard at your place and keep alert while working on dishes and etc.

Dishwasher in Alameda:
"Fast pase I have to keep up with the servers and cooks."
Pros: Being that im constantly moveing the time seems to fly by I dont mibd the work or doing overtime.
Cons: I need a consistant schedule they usualy need me on my days off which I dont mind as long as I know ahead of time , not day of a higher salary is much needed for the work I do. I work harder then everybody there.

Dishwasher in Texarkana:
"Hard work."
Get a better job when you can , as soon as you can !