Executive Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Assistant?

Executive Assistant in Oakland:
"Great Position that Keeps you On your Toes!"
Pros: Project management, supervising a team of hard-working individuals that need training and guidance, accounting, charging clients for services received, building customer relationships, fixing minor computer and printer issues.
Cons: The low pay for the amount of work and dedication I have to the company, the environment in which my desk resides (in a multi-purpose room), employee turnover.

Executive Assistant in Rochester:
"More facilities aspects."
Specialize in a few key areas.

Executive Assistant in Sacramento:
Pros: Corporate culture, working conditions, peers,
Cons: Pay.

Executive Assistant in Lakeland:
"Does it evolve?"
Find a company that you can grow with and develop your skill set to meet the changing needs of the company.

Executive Assistant in St. Louis:
"Work flexibility, the management."
Pros: The group I support and the Red Cross mission.
Cons: The current re-organization process.

Executive Assistant in Dallas:
"That there was no opportunity for advancement."
Be ready for a hectic pace where you ALONE will support 60 people. The phones are extremely busy, the front desk traffic is non stop and travel is constant! You have to CONSTANTLY negotiate with airlines, hotels and automobile rental companies with little satisfaction! DO NOT EXPECT PRAISE. You will never get it. Be ready to be discouraged and unappreciated. Good Luck!

Executive Assistant in Memphis:
"New responsibility without added pay."
I am a dedicated worker and I am always committed to excellence with every job assignment. I wish I had known when I first started with the organization, to balance taking on new responsibilities above my pay grade without asking for the appropriate adjustment in salary. I have acquired many new challenging responsibilities, and have found success, but have not always been awarded with the proper pay increase.