Executive Director Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Director?

Executive Director in Warren:
"Practical Applications of a Music Degree."
Be passionate about the music education mission of the organization.

Executive Director in Staten Island:
The constant need for funding to maintain the upkeep of the everyday operations as well as salaries.

Executive Director in Seattle:
"Learn more about communication and emotional intelligence."
Communication including emotional intelligence is the least taught thing in business school.

Executive Director in Independence:
"Time consuming job."
Pros: Seeing the outcome.
Cons: The slow pace of progress.

Executive Director in Santa Fe:
"Be Open To Change And Be Prepared For It."
Talk to as many former Board members and long time donors as possible. Do it within the first 90 days.

Executive Director in New Orleans:
"Very Stressful."
Have realistic expectations of what a staff member will and won't do to earn a paycheck.

Executive Director in Claremont:
"Keep Learning New Technical Skills."
Find the time during or after hours to really dive in and increase your technical skills.