Executive Director Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Director?

Executive Director in Lebanon:
"The lack of funding."
Get adequate pay for job description.

Executive Director in Austin:
"Living Your Dream."
If you are passionate about something in your life follow the passion and create a way for you to live and work. Supporting it. Always be true to the mission and surround yourself with like minded people and never loose hope.

Executive Director in Seattle:
Get everything in writing up front and compensation plan spelled out with specific measurables in how your performance will be measured.

Executive Director in Douglas:
Pros: The less fortunate people we serve.
Cons: Not having volunteers show up when scheduled.

Executive Director in Sandpoint:
"Life as the Executive Director."
Pros: Working with the people in need and mentoring staff who want to get better.
Cons: The money paid and the money available.

Executive Director in Los Angeles:
"Critical thinking and communication skills."
Never stop learning.

Executive Director in Grand Island:
"A day in the life at BBBS."
Pros: Working with people, flexibility, stability.
Cons: Lack of training, support and resources.