Executive Director Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Director?

Executive Director in Okanogan:
"Time commitments = money."
Limit expectations of how much time you will work normally.

Executive Director in New York:
"Work flexibility, stress levels, perks, team leadership."
Pros: Working with our staff and board to trumpet the cause of women.
Cons: It's hard to draw boundaries and limit my hours and thoughts about work.

Executive Director in Hollywood:
"Love what you do."
Love what you do.

Executive Director in Monroe:
Pros: Great pay and opportunities for advancement.
Cons: Nothing.

Executive Director in San Luis Obispo:
"People skills are a must."
Learning to develop diplomacy, management practices, and human resource knowledge is an important part of being an Executive Director. There are a lot of training opportunities fortunately, so it is best to take advantage of those.

Executive Director in Minneapolis:
"Manage a food shelf."
Pros: Helping people, fundraising, marketing.
Cons: Paperwork.

Executive Director in Erie:
"Great Job."
Pros: Flexible Work Environment. Self Managed.
Cons: No opportunities for growth. No performance evaluation. Micro Management.