Facilities Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Facilities Manager?

Facilities Manager in Phoenix:
"Great Weather."
Pros: Weather, Opportunity.
Cons: Not being retired.

Facilities Manager in Plano:
"Stress level and expected results."
Pros: Effective operation during services.
Cons: Unrealistic expectations without help.

Facilities Manager in Seattle:
"Managing people in relation to expectations of a facility."
Pros: I the mix of hands on work mixed with management and team leading. In today's world more and more employees are tied to their computers and desks at work. But in my position, I HAVE to get out of my chair and do rounds, check in on certain issues etc. It makes my days go by incredibly fast and lends itself to a healthy lifestyle.
Cons: People treat you like a servant. For whatever reason, adults arrive at the workplace and immediately ditch any sense of decorum or responsibilities as it corresponds to their own behaviors. I've seen it all, dirty dishes in the closet, throwing aware 'broken' equipment because they didn't turn it on. There is this belief that while a facilities individual keeps the buildings running, that they should also do anything and everything that isn't contained, explicitly in someone elses job descriptions.

Facilities Manager in New York:
"More electric knowledge."
Learn new skills.

Facilities Manager in San Diego:
Communicate as much as possible with your staff.

Facilities Manager in Jackson:
"Contract negoitation."
Develop contract negotiation skills for contractor services that this position will directly or indirectly supervise.

Facilities Manager in Palm Desert:
"There were no raises given!"
Get a contract put in writing!