Facilities Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Facilities Manager?

Facilities Manager in Milwaukee:
"Milwaukee it's not Chicago."
Pros: The summers
Cons: the winters

Facilities Manager in Los Angeles:
"Great company to work for."
Pros: Room to grow, encouraged by management
Cons: Can be stressful, but what isn’t

Facilities Manager in Phoenix:
"What I have to offer."
Pros: The weather is awesome. The job market seems to be a constant.
Cons: The heat and the traffic.

Facilities Manager in Atlanta:
"Fast paced."
Pros: I enjoy the ever changing challenges that it poses. It's not routine or monotonous.
Cons: Getting projects approved in a timely manner.

Facilities Manager in Glendora:
Pros: I get to work with amazing people.
Cons: Currently understaffed, which means several people are overworked to compensate.

Facilities Manager in Plymouth:
Share your responsibilities to your staff.

Facilities Manager in Fairfield:
"That there was no unemployment."
Good not easy working or in a nonprofit be nice to everyone be a team player rule with an iron fist.