Facility Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Facility Manager?

Facility Manager in Cincinnati:
"Must be multi tasker."
Pros: Guest interactions, daily operations management, job variety, culture.
Cons: Poor upper management commitment, family owned/low structure, poor work/life balance.

Facility Manager in North:
"Traffic control."
Pros: Help the public driver drive safely.
Cons: I was 24-7. Duke power is the biggest customer. Even on weekend s. I was salary but only getting paid for 44 hours a week but working about 65 to 70 hours a week.

Facility Manager in Erlanger:
"Communicate more with new upper management."
Just try to make everyone happy so upper management is not bothered by any maintenance ussues.

Facility Manager in Washington:
"Jones Lang LaSalle do not value their employees."
Pros: There is really nothing I like about me job with this employeer.
Cons: I am under paid. The company would rather low ball you offers on promotions and hire outsiders at a higher rate then they are willing to give current employees.

Facility Manager in Niobrara:
Be prepared and set schedules.

Facility Manager in Atlanta:
"Interesting Job, Ever Changing."
The job has its perks and pitfalls. Working around children is a joy, they will make your day :) Job however has a high stress level and a lot of overtime requirements. Be prepared to work where ever and whenever needed to complete a project on time.

Facility Manager in Cincinnati:
Pros: Managing people, creating processes and procedures.
Cons: Lack of funds in budget to complete needed projects.