Facility Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Facility Manager?

Facility Manager in New York, New York:
"It is an awesome experiences meeting all types of people and helping the community out."
Pros: love the bronx
Cons: i do not like the train system

Facility Manager in McKinleyville:
"Working at HSU."
Pros: Helping students learn about science.
Cons: No money to perform the job requirements. Noncommunicative administration. Unable to fully utilize my experience and knowledge.

Facility Manager in Okatie:
"Great place to work love it here."
Pros: Nice quiet place to work and live a growing community.
Cons: Nothing.

Facility Manager in Arlington:
"Wrong job title to keep your pay low."
You might be stuck in a position title to keep your pay lower.

Facility Manager in Florence:
"Trust no one, seriously."
Everyone has only their best interest in mind.